Long Time But Getting Close

Looks like this plant should be ready as it is on it’s 77 day of flower. But it doesn’t even look close I think.
I have read some previous forums about this topic. Everyone says I have to wait. I am 77 days into flower. Grand Daddy Purple autoflower… My first grow with GDP went to 65 days into flower before I harvested. This is my second grow and it is totally different. This one is much larger and super heavy. I have had to tie the main stem and 5 other branches to keep them upright.
I don’t see the buds or pistiles.


Yeah, she needs more time.
All those given estimates of flowering time, which by the way dont include veg time, are all just best case scenarios. More often than not it will be longer.
It takes what it takes and you need to wait till almost all those white pistils die back.

Is a nice fat bud though :+1:


She looks like she’ll be worth the wait!! Nice fatties on her!! :heart_eyes::seedling::green_heart:


Pictures was a little blurry but agree with the others more time beautiful bud l’m thinking bud of the month entry


Definitely a nice bud, and does look like it’s going to take a while longer to mature. Try to take a really nice, clear pic, and submit it for BOM if it’s ILGM seeds.

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