Long term seed storage?

I was just wondering how some of you store your seed’s? I went a little over board with seed’s and have a few left over. What’s the best way to keep my investment safe? I’m sure this family has some great tips for long-term storage.

Cool, dark place.
I have my collection in a padded shipping envelope in the fridge. I do keep it sealed.
I figure that seed bank project in Norway is carved into the side of a frozen mountain so since I don’t have a frozen mountain, the SubZero will have to do.

There’s actually been documented seeds sprouting in old hemp fields 40 or 50 years AFTER hemp was last grown, and they were just laying in the dirt. LOL!


I found some 40 year old seeds in some my old high school stuff been moved all over the country attic’s, basements about 20 seeds two of them popped they ended up being males but still pretty amazing


Keep mine in a large, opaque vitamin bottle in the fridge.


I keep mine in various small jars inside envelopes in a dresser… probably not the most scientific but they still pop.