LJ’s Journal of delicious canna babies

The skinny tall ones on the shelfing unit. Look like they are taking to the sky, all 3.

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They sure look different to the first time I grew them. Unrecognizable actually lol


Eremophila Calahabdor

The biggest tomatoes yet. Must be the cow poo.


Love the tiny flowers within the bud itself , so detailed. :heart_eyes: they look delishous as per the wife.

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Live from the southern hemisphere


35 for the low, 30 mph winds out of the north.

New mom, her first today.

Those cucumbers :cucumber: are growing fast, loving the :sun_with_face:.
I love fresh tomato :tomato: and a salt shaker.


This old timer is 55 days into flower and does not seem to be slowing down yet. She smells insane :star_struck:


my set up now

I opened up the closet that’s next to the laundry space. So we have another GG in bloom under the 2000. She’s starting to stink it up too lol

Then in the tent the three Dream Girls from ozzie ganja, under a 1000 and a 600 blurple which they like. Could I have some opinions please? The DGs are only barely 6 weeks but they look like they’re ready to flower. Is it better to wait?


Looking good. Youve been quite lately. Or i have. Hope all is well with you and your on going projects.

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Hope all is well, you’ve gone silent, hope its the new move thats has you occupied. We miss your input.