LJ’s Journal of delicious canna babies

At this moment in time, this is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. Day 35. Definitely the best looking plant so far, in part thanks to everyone who has helped me here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m going to top up the potting mix today and add some dry ocean grown CalMag to that. I’ve been giving her the Mammoth bloom booster that came free with something else. It claims to be a ‘nutrient liberator’. Some of those products could not be worth what they’re charging and I think suppliers happily cash in on our obsession lol. But if Mammoth is awesome please tell me.

I’ve noticed the two largest colas are the set of third branches. The plant seems to always start the real growth there. Does anyone remove the lowest branches early on? After the roots are powering?

Humidity in the city today is 91.


Honey Nitrate is gonna give you her rendition of spiraled Stairway to Heaven. You’ll see.

As always, beautiful :heart_eyes: :camera_flash:. Have you found your creative strain yet? Banana has been most pleasing to us. :+1:

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Your girl is stacking. Most would say to remove anything not receiving light penatration to put that energy to the upper canopy. Could always do some training to open the areas needed if possible.

My seeetie didnt harvest the lower third, left it under the light 3 more weeks, she got a good smoking oz from what most call the larf.

Is this an unknown on flowering time? How much time left?

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Thanks mate. I’m currently smoking that larf and it was worth the trouble. Lol

You can’t really see it in that pic but there are some supports holding the main buds apart.

Do you mean how long to go for the gorilla above or the honey nitrate?

Creative strain?


Have you found or grown a strain that makes you creative? Most things you share, we enjoy, and always with another view thru your lense. How long does gorilla flower?

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Oh yeah the head high for sure, that’s why I’m keen for this sativa looking girl. I come up with these great work ideas that I will never get funding for lol.

Gorilla is only half cooked; she apparently takes at least 9 weeks. I need an advent calendar.

Day 40 for this old timer. She’s still bubbling away in there. You can feel the density forming.



The clone looks weird though, I know they often do but even these buds look weird.


Weird side growth

Single digit leaves


But huge fan leaves. She’s literally quadrupled in height in the last 10 days


Oldtimer leaves canoeing up some, possiblely too close to the light, or intensity is to high. Everything else is looking dank on her. Nugz look like they are swelling up, fatty nice.

Pick your best flower for the contest. You get to enter any strain. Your grow is a winner already, rarely do we see the same views from your thread.

Looking :+1: as always.

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I know :pensive: that damage was done a few weeks back before I realised the true power of the tsw2000. I’ve fixed it now but she’s stuck with those leaves.

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I wish I hadn’t flowered the clone now. Here she is on New Year’s Day:

And today

She’s a star.


I just wish I could describe the fragrance here guys. Remember those old scratch n sniff pictures in kid’s activity books? We need that here. :smile:

Vanilla bean and honey maybe. Two visitors have just voted her best smelling lol poor gorilla smells like lime petroleum.


Gorgeous pistils, thick pistils. What girl are you entering in the any strain goes?

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Just planted three Dream Girls in half gall plastic nursery pots after soaking them overnight.

After reading about skipping the paper towel step, reducing the handling of the seed makes sense to me.

This is an australian strain from Ozzie ganja who are no longer operating, and this was what I grew my first two grows. I still have about 15-20 of them and Im really interested to see how they go now that my skills have improved. One thing Im worried about is that the second of these seeds that I planted was male. But I’ll be positive. I just ordered some 4 1/2 gall plastic pots from a regular nursery, which I think should be the perfect size for my space/s. :smiling_imp:

They are planted in Canna Terra with no amendments at this point.

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Nah mate just not really my thing.

It’s Saturday morning smoko time at LJ’s.

Finally the cucumbers are attaching to my makeshift trellises.

I didn’t know they would be so damned cute af

And this little guy is happy with the peas.

I’m not sure if I’ve met this stately gentlemen before lol


Tendrils are pretty cool! I like “watching” my peas reach out and wrap around things