Living soil mix

I am getting living soil ready for early spring transplant, auto flowers. Are water crystals beneficial or advisable in my living soil mix bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal,Bat Guano worm castings??? I’m kinda hoping as little maintenance as possible as I will be implimenting guerilla grow tatics.

What are water crystals?

If they are meant to prolong the times between waterings, then it may not be a good idea. Cannabis prefers wet/dry cycles rather than having the soil wet or moist all the time.


Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

Hey Grassboy welcome to the neighborhood. I’ve grown a couple plants out in the woods and learned a couple tricks over the years :grin: I wish I knew more about living soil back then I would have been more successful but I did okay. I’m not sure what those crystal are but I would use 1 L soda bottles and fill them with my feed mix and a bag of half burnt sticks and ashes they call it biochar and sell it at the store now a days lol I would dig out the spot and mix in my poop mix and burnt wood then take the soda bottle, cut holes in it bury it with the top above the soil so you can fill it with water for it to slowly leaks into the soil this helps keep it moist enough for the seed to pop and the roots to get down a little. I live in the desert so I had to stay close to creeks or rivers and it’s about finding a spot dry on top but wet a foot or so down. I do suggest that you plant a bunch because you will lose some to two and four legged animals and bugs. Bear, wolf, coyote piss is a good way to help with the animals

I use kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal and sea bird guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and worm castings and maybe a mushroom compost and i put live worms in my pots and i make my pots up a month before so the worms can break down the organic fertilizer ready for the plants to eat