Little to no high

Can’t say as I don’t grow autos but autos are “autos” from crossing with a type of cannabis known as ruderalis which is typically low in THC, I hear they’ve gotten better over the years but I would always expect better bud from a plant that has not been crossed with ruderalis, but I expect most of the problem is from harvesting too early. But perhaps try photos instead of autos for your next grow.


Thanks. I believe I will.

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I thought I read it some where is the reason I brought it up. The simplicity is just so attractive. I need to learn to be more patient.

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The trick with autos is to grow the higher potency strains, to have your soil right from jump, and give em plenty of light like 20 and 4. You don’t want hiccups with autos especially during the 3 week veg period.

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Is ww auto supposed to be a strong one?

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Yes, from what I’ve read its very popular around the world.

white widow photo anyway.

Yes I’ve grown it it makes big buds with big yields. Great taste. You can top those as I had many 3 footers and one 4ft widow topped once. I yielded 30 oz off 5 widows.

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I was hoping to try a manifold and lst on mine( first grow) but I saw autos don’t like to be manipulated like that

I’ll probably try anyway see what happens

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I have to admit, I have a high tolerance. No joke…Ive woke up during two medical procedures like my heart cath. Id try to raise up and they would push me back down. Funny.

Top WW auto around day 21 only once and your yields definitely go up.

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Mine have taken to very well. Low stress is all i do. I purchased some u shaped pins at the dollar store and they seem to hold them down nicely.


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I may try to do both on the next grow.

I don’t see if you stated it specifically, but are you pruning flowers off the plants to sample them? Were those cuttings and above photos taken at the same time?

yes I have been but mostly I’m talking about the last harvest and yes I have tried some from the photographs…not much cureing though. Maybe a week. I don’t really mind growing photos but I just hate to have to wait for them to get through the whole cycle. I’m thinking about getting Blue Haze feminized next and give it a try. How long do you think it will take to harvest the Blue Haze? Its so pretty in the picture that I want to try it anyway.

How long did you flower your last harvest for exactly?

Honestly, if you based your prior harvest decision on the color of the stigmas, and they were 25% white, that’s almost certainly the issue.

Impatience is an easy way to ruin months of hard work. It’s good that you have a loop coming. Use it to evaluate the entirety of each plant. And stop sampling your immature plants; you’re stressing them out and eventually you might see one produce pollen sacs as a defense mechanism.

If you want to talk about how to lower cycle times, we can. Are you limited in plant count?


Oh gosh I really don’t remember. I’m not very good at keeping records. I will let this grow go until it shows all the signs you’ve mentioned to me earlier. I have the magnifier listed below coming tomorrow.

Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

This is me^^^^*