Little Seedling Emergency Please Help to Diagnose these 3 Strains

  • North Thunderfuck (Royal Queen Seeds) (Hulkberry AKA Bruce Banner #3) Royal Queen Seeds Strawberry Lemonade (Barney’s Farm)
  • Method: Coco-Coir Organic/ Perlite 70/30 mix
  • Vessels: Transplanter Pots.
  • PH of Water, 5,8- 6.0 manually adjusted using PH down
  • PPM/TDS or EC . NON-Applicable no Nutes used only Tap water at PPM 116
  • Indoor Tent 2,25/2,25/5,5 in Feet.
  • Light system Mars Hydro TS-1000
  • Temps; Day 28 C/ 82 F Night 22C/ 71F
  • Humidity; Day 85% RH Night 65-75% RH
  • Ventilation system; Yes Carbon filter extraction fan 8 inch Vortex Speed Controlled.
  • AC N/A Humidifier and Ioniser Yes set to 70 RH De-humidifier N/A
  • Co2; N/A

Referential Pictures

Hulkberry 2 Weeks Old Seedling

North Thunderfuck 2 Weeks Old Seedling.

1 Week Old Strawberry Lemonade LEGGY seedling

OK to put things short and str8 to the topic.
Hulkberry stopped growing all together at day 3 and it stays like this till now day 15th
North Thunderfuck was growing ok till day 10 when it started yellowing and it is as is on day 15
Strawberry Lemonade planted emergency to avoid loss in case of death of Hulkberry at day 7 are now 8 days old and going strong apart of Legginess and slight browning of new growth nodes.
I haven’t used any nutes whatsoever was waiting till day 30 with using nutes. As per many people saying that you shouldn’t nute seedlings less than 2 weeks old.
Is North Thunderfuck still alive and in hopes of saving and what to do to achieve it ?


What are your watering practices? How much and how applied? Every picture looks like media is damp. It should look dry. I suspect they are damping off.

I’d like to see that around 75F constant if possible.

Are these under a clear dome?

OK I use a Clear Dome and mist it

I also use the mister with ph’d water to water 5-6 squirts of water every time coco on top looks dry.
I try to avoid foliar spray during lights on and Lighting schedule is 18-6.

I took the pictures literally 3 hours after squirting few sprays on the soil and domes during dark period.

He is growing in Coco. His PH is in range.

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