Little leaf curling after sun exposure hardening

They were doing great just had them out for their 5th day. Usually I just keep them out for 2 hours me this time a little longer and saw some curling so took them inside
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Maybe the sun was to warm for them

When trying to acclimate them to outside, try putting them in shade. As they adjust, you can slowly move them into full Sun.

I would leave them out as much as possible now…

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@FloridaSon How’s it going brother !

@Fever I took my tomatoes outside too early this year and they got sun burned. I took them inside for a few days then put them in the shade and left them for a week. Moved them into the sun after a week and they were fine. We have wicked sun here with 10 intensity a lot.

It is strange how Cannabis and tomatoes are a lot alike in growing. Take care and good luck on you grow. Jerry


Life is cruel sometimes, but I’m managing. I won’t have as much time here anymore, but I’ll be slipping through from time to time.

Fixing to put two OG Kush in the soil as well as a G13 seed I found in my last purchase. Little surprises like that are always nice.

I hope all is well with you…