Little help with trichromes?

I have 2 girls getting close both are autoflower in their 8th week but had a stunted start outside and may have started flowering a little early when moved i side.
First is AK47 Autoflower

2nd is Blueberry Autoflower

They’re both sticky and stink but I can’t tell if those trichromes are getting cloudy


You still have a lot of white pistils on both. Wait until 90% are brown then start to check the trichomes.


Agree with @GoodMafia, still lots of white pistils. Once most are brown, start checking your trichomes. Mostly cloudy for uplifting high, or more amber for couch lock.

Good luck happy growing :smiley: :+1:


I got a new toy today

So they appear very clear still. I’ll post again if I start getting itchy scissor fingers

The wireless microscope i got works great I should be able to gauge them pretty well, now it’s just a judgement call. Wanted to share this pic of the Blueberry. I guess this is getting partly-cloudy, and looks like this from different angles

Finally chopped the blueberry stunted single cola plant.