Little girl has tip burn (Nutrient issue?)

Hey guys.

So this is a space ape photo period. She got some tip burn and I’m wondering if its a nutrient deficiency? I started her on a cal mag mix this morning as i did notice what I am giving her there was no calcium.

I should note that she did get hit with a minor pest attack but I was able to handle that. She still seems to be growing I would just like to get the tip burn figured out.

Soil is Happy Frog.

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Burned tips is most often a nitrogen excess. Do you know your runoff PPM and what nutrient product(s) have you been feeding, if at all? She doesn’t look big enough to have consumed all of the nutrients present in HF out of the bag just yet.

It won’t be a calcium problem. If it were you would also be seeing other, worse leaf problems.