Little brown spots on leaves

During resin production little rust colored spots are appearing on upper canopy leaves catching light.Most are dark green just like rest of canopy but I switched from calcium well water EC of 150-200 to fresh spring water with EC of 0.
Growth is much better staring with EC of 0 but rust spots are showing on a few of canopy leaves.

Distilled water will have an EC of 0 but spring water should not. It might have a very very low EC, but it should not be zero as it should have plenty of minerals dissolved in it from the spring it came from. Did you throw off the pH? What changes did you make to the nutrient mixture? It sounds like a nutrient deficiency, possibly a potassium or maybe a manganese deficiency.

Potassium level is good I tested it,butmanganese I can’t test for.It’s only on two leaves one finger each but I don’t want it to spread or if mang is low to effect resin for they are fattening up.
I’ve got some Superthrive I put in and a few small bags of green tea in my casing tea,it has mangnese in it,not sure about Superthrive and use it on next feeding.I cup of green tea has 0.5-1.5mg of manganese.I add two small tea bags into a 5 gallon mix of casing tea.