Lite or no Lite That is the question

OK got my new LED grow light, I plug it in and
nothing. There is no light of any color coming
out of it.This is not right. Correct?

If it doesn’t have a switch and it’s pnp then something is definitely wrong!!

@merlin1106 pictures of this light so we can help please.


Well here is pictures. I figured if light came from it it was OK. No light come from it.It no good.

Not trying to insult you but I’m going to assume you plugged it in and toggled the switch. If you did it sounds like you got a bad one.


Yep did all that. This is my first time messing with led.

Wasn’t sure if it had visible light or not.

That light is only good for seedlings and I’d question that

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Yep sounds like you got a dud @merlin1106 you should be able to see visible light.

YEP kinda figured thanks

Make sure you got your power cord pushed completely into the light

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Check and see it’s possible it could have a reset button somewhere. Good luck

Got it working. Wasn’t pushed into the light far enough and didn’t have all the switches in the right position. Thanks everyone.