Listerine as a pest control for marijuana

A tip from a fellow grower:

I’ve been noticing some discoloration of the leaves of my plants. Last night, I spied some little bugs chewing on the top of the leaves.Their black in color, and are very small, I can barley see them move. I haven’t found any concrete information on what these could be, on any site. But there not very nice.

I soaked a towel with Listerine last night, and hung it in my grow room to dry, the Thymol in the Listerine kills just about any bug. (sometimes I listen to my girlfriends ramblings, and it gives me ideas). I only had a couple minutes to check on them this morning, but it didn’t look like the little bugs were moving around. perhaps my Listerine invention killed them. At any rate, I’ll attached a couple of pictures, and maybe I can get some info from you.

The plants are clones, 1 week into vegetation, grown in a basement 400 watt h.p.s. I’ll be happy to share any other information as you see fit.

I have not heard of using Listerine before but it makes sense as oral amber is made from a tree/plant’s natural defenses against insects. I would love to hear other experienced growers thoughts on this method. Thanks for sharing.

Diatomaceous earth is among Latewood’s and my own favorite methods for bug control and is one of the absolutely safest methods available as you can actually eat the stuff and it is good for you as a mineral supplement.

For those of you that do not follow the Link; Food Grade Codex DE. Do not use the DE used in pool filters. Read the topic link. You will be amazed.

I also, am very interested in this particular remedy; Might be something to look at; But; I am skeptical about alcohol, and other unwanted chemicals in my environment. At least; At this time. :slight_smile:


Good point, you will get alcohol vapors evaporating into the air of the environment, although I suspect this would cause little harm as it is the same safe type of alcohol you can drink and I think if there is any detriment at all to the plant the thymol would be just as bad or worse than a little ethanol alcohol fumes.