Lil help here please

Can you guys determine by looking if my plants are ready to harvest. The leaves around the top half of the plant are looking burnt and dry. The lower portion looks like immature bud starting. So that is what has my tripping. If it’s for new growth on bottom then it ain’t done. Right?? Or no??

We’re going to need more information and pictures are extremely helpful.


It’s like

is like new growth starting at the bottom. I also have another plant that has the same burnt looking leaves but nice bud.

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I don’t know why the picture is sideways. I’ll try to take 1 more


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my oldest was planted on 4,20. The others are couple weeks behind

I haven’t had to deal with issues like this, but here is my go to guy on overall grows.

You’ve got a while until harvest. Those bottom buds will never do well. They might be something, but they are just a drain on the plant’s resources. I’d lollipop (remove the lower third of the growth and anything that doesn’t reach halfway on the plant), but that’s just me (and a few others I guess)


agreed :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

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Well thanks for the feed back. Yeah I didn’t think them lower little efforts to grow would do much. I probably will lollipop as you suggested.
Thanks again


my water is around 7 ph. I’ve used it this whole time on and off. I’ve run out of phDown juice lol. But do you think that burnt look on them is from ph. You can’t tell good in the pics but just touching the leaves you can feel are dry and crunchy. I don’t know wth. I haven’t used jack’s 321 more than 1 every 6 or 7 days

I don’t use Jack’s, but you might be feeding them too much. Try going out 2 weeks between feeding. They do recommend 7-14 days between feeding, right?

You can use a pinch (little goes a long way) of citric acid (~$4 at Wally World), to lower pH. It is in the baking aisle. It will get you through many, many grows. Happy grow to you!

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Plants in flower need more cal-mag. That is likely your biggest problem.

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Like vinegar? Or lemon?

Thanks man. Yeah the leaves are totally burnt up and crispy. I don’t know what the hell to do. That’s gonna be a hard fix.