Li'l Bertha Outdoor Va

That sucks…

I have a bunch of Northern Lights Auto seeds, I tried to start a few a few years ago and transplanted outside in the ground.

Bugs just ate the sh@t out of them, they never recovered.

One day, :crossed_fingers:, it gets legalized here I’d love to openly grow…and share.

If I cannot figure out a vacation soon… I might travel to various ilgm states to share… It would feel good as no ones ever puffed mine but me.

Not knowingly puffed mine I should say.


More than welcome to sit on the deck and par take at The Shack On The Black… :beers: :+1:


@Bentstick Been thinking of taking a trip to visit a dispensary in the UP…went to IL a couple weeks ago… Was way cheaper than I expected.

Picked up 5g diamond coated reefer and a lime sorbet 1g cart of live resin. Should have bought shatter or something along that line… But still happy.


The mom and pop where rockin it here but the likes of Lume and another took hold and drying the good ones up.

We had a party here 2 weekends ago, Nephews wife broke out a Lume bag with a few blunts I tole her “put that back in your tent” and broke out a jar of GDP she did and was hooked, left the jar out all weekend, it was gone hehehehe.


Bummer…can you recommend a good one.

I stop just for fun… I’ve got too much stored right now… But only of a couple phenos.


Yep but before ya hit the bridge, In Cheboygan , Livwell and The woods.


Sweet… I appreciate it @Bentstick


All good people. :+1: :beers:


When I resolve this family mess… I swear I’m throwing a ILGM party. I can’t wait to be able to give back to the place and people that have literally saved my life. :pray:t2::bowing_man::sunglasses::metal:t2:


Good luck @Shadegrown

Mine exploded something fierce.

I’ve been kicked out of my family. It’s probably for the best… My immediate family… Dad… May he rot… Mom and sisters… All have serious issues. Somehow… I became the blame of all family bs… Family scapegoat.

Older sister was a runaway… She wanted to smoke cigs, do drugs, drink excessively, and dress like a whore… All great reasons to runaway. She had it good.

Little sis… Evil… Like I cannot describe. Manipulation, lies, all silent… No warning.

Her and her husband took control of both my kids inheritance… Lawyers say there is nothing I can do… As he is the executor of the will.

Now they are delaying the rest of the distributions… With less than a year to move and no houses on the market… They are truly putting on the pressure.

Currently waiting on two certified letters to arrive… One… It’s safe to assume… About the estate… The other is coming from St Louis… I have no idea what that could be… Driving me nuts… And no delivery date listed on the USPS informed delivery page.

Ahhhhh… F ING family


Unfortunately I completely understand exactly how that happens. So sorry you are dealing with all that bs and having to try and relocate and tend to YOUR family. Wishing you the strength to refrain from becoming one of them in retaliation. I know it’s hard. Especially when the people who are close to you turn out to be the true dangers in your life. Worse yet do shit that affects your children. Stay strong brother. :pray:t2::bowing_man::sunglasses:


I appreciate it🙏thank you.

I hope all gets better for you as well. We should all be able expect better from our families.

As far as retaliation… Not that kind of guy… Generally…still a person.

But, I just pay attention to what people show more than I used to. That’s what got at me the most… I hadn’t seen nor heard from my younger sister in almost 20 years…i should have listened when her excuse was migraines and showed no obvious signs of an interest in getting to know me again.

I will protect my children from the manipulation and indoctrination I’ve witnessed throughout my life… But failed to notice.

Once we move, we’re changing phone numbers and not submitting an address change. We stay out of trouble, so there shouldn’t be future court stuff with addresses… No social media… Except here…

I miss my old username. It was a nickname my family would have known. Grew up with it.

Off the subject… Do you happen to use an android phone?


Me either… but I was still the one that got hauled in for a emergency containment order for verbally threatening people after being physically attacked 3 times. I didn’t call the police or press charges. They voice recorded me after instigating another conflict and went crying to the magistrate that they feared for their safety. So just be careful man in your interactions.

Me either. :joy:

Yes I am an Android user. :sunglasses::metal:t2:


My older sister is definitely capable of being like that…i learned a long time ago even if I stay silent I am usually assumed guilty… But if I defend myself they find some way to twist things… So i just let them scream and insult. While I try to stay calm. Being a potty mouth, if pushed I can be very insulting. Which then goes against me… So i stay away.

Inside, I’ve got horrible blood pressure because of them I am generally afraid of most people… But was taught to fight… But can’t. It sucks being a guy these days.

A guy used to be be able to defend their honor.
There are too many people walking around saved by laws stopping others from smacking them when deserved.

Honestly… I am truly a caring, non-voilent person naturally… But life happens…

Again…i am sorry about your family issues.

I have been fortunate that I’ve lived over 30minutes from my family… Being lazy, they don’t take the time to drive… So most is over the phone.


I have Tourette Syndrome and can spew a string of the worst crap you’ve ever heard when I get angry excited, anxious or just not paying attention to myself. :joy::rofl::sunglasses::metal:t2:

I feel you brother. It can be extremely difficult to stifle raw emotions in the heat of the moment and over the things that matter most to us.

Likewise. :pray:t2::bowing_man:


Thank you so much Negrita, I really appreciate your good wishes and thoughtfulness. My family problems are not with the dysfunctional side of the family but are of a medical issue. My sister is showing signs of Alzheimers. My Mom died from the disease and my sister and I took care of her until we could no longer handle it and had to put her in a home. It was the hardest decision of my life. We watched her die a slow death for 10 years, not physically but mentally. My Mom loved to talk and never knew a stranger, she would talk to anyone. In her last 2-3 year she barely spoke a word. It is a hear wrenching disease that I would never wish on anyone, and now I have to watch my only sister go down the same road. I’m sorry I know this is not the place for this but it is consuming my thoughts.
@Shadegrown you are correct our grows get better each year. They say you learn from your mistakes and I am learning a lot with still quite a bit to learn. The lessons big and small all help. Yesterday I was looking at one of my clones and it had a few yellow leaves between the buds, thanks to @Mr.Mr.Limelight and the lesson he taught me last year I pulled those leaves before it turned to bud rot or something else.

Shade not sure you are still in drying phase or have moved on to curing, I would like your thoughts on this idea or anyone that would like to comment. Everything I read says drying for 7-10 days is best, but I never make it that long. Seems the best conditions are 60% humidity and 60 degrees. The best I can do is 50-55% humidity and 68-70 degrees which usually gets me to 4-5 days at best. Cookie Monster dried for 4 days and she began to feel really dry so this is what I am doing… I am putting her in jars with a hygrometer (which I know is not accurate but something to go on). For the first couple of hours I put a lid loosely on the jars, when the humidity goes up I take the lids off but still keep in the jars. It’s my way of getting the humidity higher and slowing down the drying process. The lids are off, most of the time, the dry feeling to the outside of the buds has gone and I check the smell of the jars every couple of hours. If the humidity gets really high I remove from the jars for 30 minutes or so and put back in the jars, this knocks the humidity down and I continue the drying process. I’m just trying to give them the best curing conditions with what I have. I know they are not ready to be sealed in jars and burped a couple time of day but in my mind it gets them closer to the perfect drying conditions. I am watching out for mold or anything that would be caused by too high humidity,I take them out the jar periodically and feel all the buds to make sure there are no wet spots because they are touching in the jars. Do you see any problem with this method or do you have any ideas that would enhance the process? I know you don’t have as much experience as Mr. Limelight but I do value your opinion as I do his and everyone on this forum kind enough to comment. All comments good or bad are welcome.

Love your Negrita and Shade for the concern and well wishes. Hope all have a great day and of course Happy Growing!


@Coco27 sorry to hear about alzheimers in your family, while I haven’t experienced it, my uncle died of brain cancer. It took who he was away.

Once I eliminated the jars, my curing issues disappeared.

Especially last summer… Drying was terrible, couldn’t keep the heat down. The dry for 7-10 days is great in theory, but rarely can I meet 60F/60rh. The longer dry will also start your cure and get rid of some more chlorophyll…

I dry to 10-12% moisture read via a wood or hay moisture meter… I use a hay meter as the probes are much longer to check the middle of the buds without mashing them.

Once there, I clip from the branches(I wet trim before dry) into a brown paper bag… Seal it up over night with hygrometers in it to stabilize the humidity… Then I weight it out and put into grove bags… They are awesome.

Make sure to leave the air in the bag when sealing them… And additionally, heat sealing the bag helps the technology work best… Store in a draw for at least a month… Longer the better… And it’s ready to puff.

No burping necessary… Very easy.


Just got back from the post office you should get something by Monday

Happy to follow along with the bull shit :sunglasses:


@Coco27 I’m so sorry to hear about your mom and sister. I do know the fda just made two new Alzheimer’s drugs available Kisunla and Leqembi. I keep track for my mom’s sake. There’s nothing worse than watching someone you love deteriorate. Bless you for caring and not just writing them off as a hassle. I wish there was something I could say or do that would make it better. I love you Coco and pray that you find the strength to endure this hardship. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t2::bowing_man:
As far as drying and curing. Due to my circumstances I am left to put faith in simplicity. I’m only on day 3 of drying. I do a rough wet trim when harvesting before washing. I dry in my bedroom hung on a line. It stays 73 degrees but humidity can vary (not sure how much… I have no hygrometer). I believe it to range between 35-65 % depending on humidity outside. I let them dry until the stems break (usually 10-14 days). Some dry until they snap but don’t break. I find that leaves too much moisture and requires me to re-dry throughout the process. Once the stems break I buck the buds off the stems into a paper bag with a single piece of newspaper between layers. I leave them in the bag for an additional 2-3 days. Then it gets dry trimmed and weighed. Then they go in jars (grove bags if I had them) and cure for 6-8 weeks minimum. I know this is probably drier than some prefer but I find dry bud smokes better to me and I don’t have to re-dry or worry about mold. I’ve literally never said this bud is too dry even if it crumbles to dust… but I’ve definitely said this bud is too moist. I hope that gives you an idea of my thoughts and process. It looked like you got some right nice buds to dry and cure. Take care of yourself Coco. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t2::bowing_man:


Adding to my procurement list. Thanks for the tip bro! :sunglasses::metal:t2: