Lights led full spectrum how high should the light be to germinate seeds

Got my seeds in soil only have 1000 full spectrum led lights how high should the light be to germinate seeds had seeds in water for 24 hours and put in soil .

Wait to put seeds in the soil until they crack open. Also, get yourself some 23w cfls for seedlings

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You can buy cfl or led light bulbs and a shop light to start your seed and I would use a solo cup to get them going something like this

that’s about all they will need for a few weeks then you can transfer to there forever pot

Thanks mate should I put them back in water and wait for other 24 hours until they crack

it will fit in a big standard reflector just splitters on spliters works great for babys the 6500k bright daylight are what you want

Thanks for the info i got 23watt cfl light warm white extra bright 1550 lumens Philips how high should the light be from the seedlings thanks.

Warm white is a flowering spectrum I think its 2700k for veg you want bright daylight 6500k for veg

And you have to have to the lights within 6 to 10 inches away no farther for they greatly loose there power inches away