I have a HLG 550V2 Rspec, in a 4x4 grow tent inside a 12x12 shed. I just put a 2 week old clone and 2 week old seedlings and a plant in early Veg state. Its about 68 degress at the moment with fans and ventalation, The light is 6.5’ off the floor on LOW. My question is this, Am I doing this correctly or will they wilt or what other advice would you give?

More than enough light for seedlings and clones. Temp is a little low for me, but should be okay.

What are your nighttime temps?

about the same as now, daytime is between 70-80

I’ll prolly run a heater on low out there at night, not in the tent but in the shed



Looking good.

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well I just put them out there an hour ago, I hope they stay good coz its their first time under this light, were under blurple.

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Are the cups for support?. Big plant looks great

yes they were streching so they needed support. the big plant is a clone too

Just cut some clones a couple days ago. How long till yours got roots and you transplanted. I have 2 in seedling soil and 3 in peat pellets, all under domes. Any suggestions?

somewhere around 2 weeks sometimes more, I dont use domes, keep wet and plenty of light

the plants need fed more often with the new HLG 550, if I feed every 2 days the leafs wilt so I feed everyday now just not saturating the plants.