Lighting question MarsHydro lighting system for indoor plants

Hi there experts!

A customer has a problem with his lights. He has a MarsHydro lighting system, 150 watt, dimmable.
They recommend a distance of 24-36 inches for germination and seedlings, but the ILGM Growers Bible says 4 inches.

Our customer got this wrong last time and burned up his plants. He is still confused as to the wattage/distance. Close but dim? Far but full tilt? Both? Neither?

Would any of you know how to help him out, especially if you already have some experience with the MarsHydro lighting system

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My preference is to leave the light full power and hang the light 28 inches then work the light down if the seedling starts to leggy.


Plants don’t need very much light to come from the ground, what they do need is heat and humidity.

I’d turn the light down as far as allowed, keep it up at 24-28” height, but be aware that using a vpd chart will help your grow. You can always throttle up the watts or lower the lights as stated above by @Vtbudz to help with size.

Best of luck, Bob


What works for me is to have the light at 60% and about 24inchs off the plants


One of my tents has mars lights and once in veg I use at 18" full power and only dim if plants cry about too muchlight