Lighting guys i could use your opinion

Is it worth the $?. Have you heard of it? Any help is appreciated


i havent heard of it but thats because im bias being a HLG fan. thats some serious coin, but looks awesome

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Looks like a good enough light. Didn’t see what brand of leds it has.


Cool light. I like the removable uv/ir


The only issue I see is that the LEDs are rated at 2.7 μmol/J. The latest generation diodes output ~3.1 μmol/J. I would expect the latter at that price, but it’s still a pretty decent light. I expect is has LM301b diodes instead of LM301h diodes. I would compare the light against HLG’s high-end products before making a purchase. I don’t think you would be disappointed with the MedicGrow, but you might be able to do a little better.


Cocoforcannabis (Dr Coco) reviewed several 800+w lights including the MedicGrow Fold8.

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Same thing as far as I’ve read.

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I need some help with a electrical problem I am having. Im building a 4 stage indoor setup. Each stage in my flowering room host 40 plants. In my country electricity goes of quite often. Is there any reason in that i cant use a skylight (translucent roof sheets)for the indoor plants in the flowering room. Keep the veg room under my the solar for the extra 6 hours. It then should be a controlled environment? I can save a lot of electricity and cancel out power failures? Am i missing something?

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The light from the skylight will not work. The dome on the skylight is treated with UVA/UVB blockers.

Glass or polycarbonate sheets? The room is 8m by 12m

Same. Glass is also treated. Poly will not let proper light through.

Do you have a suggestion that might work or is there just nothing on the market?

Nothing I know of. Power failures usually dont last long enough to affect the plant.

Our power failures can be up to 5 hours. And also I need to put at least 5 lights per station and thats 20 lights. Im also trying to get my power usage down I have 4 greenhouses running with the indoor setup. Sounds like there might not be a solution at this point.

Generators, but now you have to purchase gasoline or propane. ???

You’ll get some light when you lose electricity @Jakes1 if you use some sort of skylight. It would be like a partly cloudy or cloudy day. Better than them being in total darkness for sure

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New light?? Ok.i think i want a new light. Im.a novice grower
3 grows under my belt
Using nextlight core…900 watt ? Not pos. Full spectrum white
Ok.i want more coverage and light.penetration. wjat should i be looking for? Full
? Light bars

How much wattage etc
Starting to shop
.my budget is between 500 -700 $ would appreciate advice on brand amd types of light currently best.