Lighting for hydroponics

From a fellow grower: How do you feel about me cracking 8 (4GG and 4SS) in water then putting 2/2 in nursery pots under a low grow light and then putting 2/2 in grow wool (I know how to do this as I have done it many times) straight into the hydro environment with the light (LED) about 2 feet away from them… The GG that is growing is loving it’s home so I figure life is good in there (ph and ec/TDS are correct on their respective levels). It’s on a different light. So I can isolate them to an extent.

I’m confused on what the question is? Generally speaking, cannabis doesn’t require different lighting because it’s in a different medium. So soil, soilless, hydro, or whatever should pretty much have the same lighting requirements. Which is discussed in light energy over area.