Lighting entering flowering

Hey guys, I have a Bloomspect 600w and a Galaxyhydro 300w. I have a 4x2x5 grow space with 2 White Widows, 1 Jack Herer and a random seed. They were planted 5/21 and are in they’re entering their 3rd week of flowering. I’ve been using just the GalaxyHydro 300w for the last 4 weeks by itself. I recently put both lights in at the manufacturers recommended height and I’ve been able to hold the temps between 78-80. Is this healthy for the rest of the grow? Or am I running the risk of burning the plants?

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I prefer a little warmer, but these are acceptable temperatures as well. I wouldn’t go over 85.


Like covert said, you’re fine. I run between 80 and 84 during lights on. Just check the top leaves for heat/burn, if no signs, you’re golden.

I can’t see much under those rave lights, but if you have any fan leaves blocking bud sites, cut them.