Light trap ideas?

Has any one had to build a light trap for their vent fans? I love in an iligal state, and I just set up intake fans on my window, I covered the window with plywood, and put a sheet on the outside of it, to look like a curtain. It works great but I just went outside and there is a 6 inch light circle in my window. Any ideas?
I saw some things about a shoe box, I was thinking about moving the fan off the plywood, of putting a few 90*s on the end. I think a lot of the light is from inside the vent, where it is reflected.

This will take care of it.


Don’t forget flat black primer to attenuate any reflections of the surfaces.


That’s what I was thinking, spraying the inside of the dryer vent hose.

And yea, I was thinking of moving the fan off the window, and then adding more vent hose , so the light couldn’t leak through the fan as easy. I figured you wouldn’t be able to hear the fan out side my apartment as easy that way.
My closet grow is perfect I pull air from the attic and then blow the warm air into my bedroom, and my plan was to tie these two lights into that hose to warm the bedroom more, then in the summer just switch the fans and blow the warm air into the attic, just gota figure out that light problem.

I ended up and just spray painted the inside and outside of the vent hose going from my light to the fan and window, and it worked, can’t see the light at all any more.