Light sensitivity question

I recently purchased a dehumidifier to dry my harvest with inside of my tent. But, recently I’ve noticed the humidity inside the tent goes to 70% during the lights out period for a few hours in the early morning so i noticed that it has a faint green glow and theres no way to cover it because it eminates from the out flow register. I am growing photoperiods. Will this cause a reveg? I am well into week 6 of flower. Thank you.

This will be fun. I will start. There is a Bugbee video on youtube about light pollution. There are specific light measurements given by the Doc. Basically if you cannot read print by whatever light is in your tent, it is not bright enough to cause any negative effects. I will give an example cited, At night on the clearest night with the largest full moon, this gives off 2 umols worth of light. The amount of light required for our plants to begin photosynthesis is 10 umols. A light on a power strip or humidifier is not bright enough to trigger this response in our girls and make them think it is lights on. This very small amount of light pollution does not cause revegging or herming. He does state that if possible a completely black night is the best but if you are under the threshold, you will be okay.

Here is the link. Really good watch


Hey, thank you. I enjoy watching his videos. Thank you for the link.
I was just worried because of growing in this indoor tent here. Its my first go round with it and i wanted to make sure it wasnt somehow magnified from being in a mylar tent. This is great information you shared with me. I appreciate it. Thanks again.

I also always recommend that for piece of mind, slap some tape over the offending light. This follows the safe vs sorry theory. I personally do not but I have confidence in the Doc’s research.


So do i bro… i take his word for gold. I think he is a valuable asset to the cannabis community period! The only people i listen to and trust are him and the members here.