Light question about bloomboss pro1800

Ik it’s an old light but how is it I got it with a grow tent cheap and don’t have an idea about it. I do know it’s discontinued. Bloombloss fusion pro1800. I have it in a 4x4

Hi @Joeynugz13 welcome to the neighborhood, I did a quick search and found a tiny bit of info on the light. If it’s an actual 750w It should make some decent buds. I had a couple blurple lights nothing like that but I’m sure it will be run the same way just further away from the plants. I always ran mine with veg only switch for my seedlings only, once I had 3 sets of muti fingered leaves i turned on both veg and bloom til harvest mine didn’t have a separate uv but I think I would run it during flower only. As for distances unless someone else comes with answers you’ll have to start way high away from the plants especially if you’re using it for seedlings and play with the distances til you get it

Thanks @MeEasy a lot anything helps just not many reviews or anything on it so I’ll run it for 1 grow before I buy a nice modern led

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