Light Penetration

I am growing two auto, both are flowering. The leaves about 8 to 10 inches from the bottom have been drooping and many have shriveled up. I am attaching photos.
I don’t know what is causing the same issue in both plants. Is it disease, lighting. Both plant are in their 14th week. I understand that bottom leaves do this at the end of an autos life. I have concluded that my light is not penetrating through the canopy to the lower leaves. I am using a Dr.Bigg1000 grow light. The light draws 110 watts.
I would appreciate your thoughts on the issue with my plants. This is my first grow Thanks.


Looks normal to me: I would suggest removing understory growth as it will never amount to much and will redirect energy to the tops.


Definitely insufficient lower lighting. Although as stated, pretty normal. poke around the forum for “lollipopping.” That grow style intentionally eliminates that lower growth that tends to die off from insufficient light penetration or coverage.


That’s crazy how that plant grew so tall with that lighting though,110 watts seems low to me. Agree with the above on just removing those bottom leaves.

Just needs a little defoliation and lollypopping, although I’ve never grown autos and dont know rule of thumb on how that stresses them and if its ok?

Along with a defoil how about trying to spread the branches out away from the main with soft garden wire? Tied to the container ?
It will definitely increase air circulation too …I see a lot of braches down low too and your plant looks a little slender …maybe it’s just me but I like to get those branches trying to grow too close to the main stalk away you can then also see exactly what your defoliating instead of getting lost in the bush work it systematically branch by branch

Also are you sure those are autos ? The main trunk looks like a photo period plant growing for months …and 110 watts …seems a little suspect to me …I’ve grown photos outside for 6 months before that didn’t have main stalks that big …