Light for 12"x48"x80 veg side area

Looking for good light for a side area (12"x48"x80) of my tent for veg, seed and clone. I have 48"x48"x80 for flowering with a Mars 2000

A 4’ two bulb t5ho fixture would probably veg that if it will fit. Otherwise you would probably want to look for two small led fixtures.


Bridgelux EB strip light - 3500k. Could do a single at 50watts or double up for 100watts.

You can also use it to supplement that Mars light during flower.

You could run a T5 at 54 or 108watts as well. 6500k lamps for veg/clones then you could swap UV lamps the last two weeks of flower.

Wanna go really cheap, a driverless UFO led from Amazon is around $30. Will root a clone/seedling well.

You have many options :+1:t2:


This is the route I took. It suited my requirements and space the best.

They come in a longer model with more power for 4’ spaces

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