Light filtres to recreate sunlight - Yes or No

Regarding the lights needed to grow MJ i was wondering if by using those filters made of a hitech plastic we can recreate teh color we need to grow MJ.

In The moovies cinematographers use these filters to give The temperature they want to The Light. One of This filters is CTO, The O is for orange and for The naked Eye when its put in front of a projector it looks like The sun is really shining. Anyone knows the filters I’m talking about and if they work for growing weed?

Any filter will kind of defeat the purpose, you would be reducing the overall amount of light reaching the plant. It had been proven time and time again that intensity of light makes a much bigger difference than quality of light, this is why HPS, although not as tune-able towards a more perfect spectrum as Metal Halide, fluorescent, or LED lights, it is hard to match high pressure sodium’s effectiveness and efficiency for turning electricity into usable light, even if it’s yellow and red heavy in coloring. A filter that might be adjusting the overall spectrum to a closer spectrum matching true sunlight would not do as well as if the filter was left off and more than the normal amount of red or blue light than in normal sunlight was reaching the plant’s leaves.

If you are talking about “gels”; As used on stage for plays or band applications. NO.

Thank you both for your info.

I guess this means of course that to get a red color that adding a red plastic sheet over, lets say, t5 grow lights is a bad idea. Oh well, I’ll use hps for flowering later.