Light/Equipment Timers

Looking for timers that can do cycles for as little as 5 seconds with multiple programs. NOT looking for any smart timers that are wi fi based, but if it has the option with physical adjustments that would be fine. I don’t trust timers that are 100% controlled by wi fi.

Of course I could have avoided making a topic but it could be resourceful for others also.

Thanks in advance to any contributions.


I have this one Brother and works great. I use this one to cycle intermittent spray cycles on the aeroponic set up :love_you_gesture:

Timer Outlet, Nearpow Multifunctional Infinite Cycle Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer Switch with 3-Prong Outlet for Appliances, Energy-Saving Timer, 15A/1800W

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That’s awesome :sunglasses: thanks for sharing!

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This is one of the better ones still only use a couple of settings buti it breaks down pretty good I think China Freight.

My other is in night mode its simpler but has a bunch of settings to break down time frames might not be what your looking for thats a Walmart timer


I have one similar but I can’t go below 1 minute cycles with it. Otherwise it’s a good one!


@Low, I will show you something, if you promise not to laugh at it.
When I needed a recycling timer for a hydro drip system. My local grow shop was out of stock on the digital timers. So I ordered this timer online, and built the rest with stuff that I had laying around. This has become one of my favorite timers, and is very flexible to use. Set t1 and t2 for the duration needed, and set other two for the percentage of t1 or t2 duration.
It can be set anywhere from 0.1 second to 10 days.


You setting up an aeroponic system @Low

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That’s awesome! Always been a push pin timer kind of guy, that’s right up my alley.

Helping someone with high frequency fertigation


Let me know if you need help wiring one up.