Light cycle question

Looking for opinions on light cycles. I have been running 18-6 for the entire grow. Since the 4 week 2-1/2 hours before lights out the massively drop then Come right back when Lights come back on. Should I switch to a 12-12 now that I am in flower to give them more rest or will it effect the yield cutting the hours down? Looking for opinions from people with experience. Thanks for the help in advance. Be safe.

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If these are autoflowers 12/12 from start to finish will work just fine. If you have decent lighting they’ll receive enough light in the 12 hours.


They are 3 in a 3x3 with a CMH315. Thanks


If you meant to say that the leaves droop before lights out, I think that is common, as long as they perk back up at lights on. Mine do the same. I even notice this with my outdoor guerilla grows close to suset, when I am running late :v:

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