Light choosing help

Will this light work seed to harvest?? Thanks in advance

SuncoGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, 80W, Linkable – Sunco Lighting

Probably not.
@dbrn32 will be able to guide you

What size of space

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Here you get recommended chilled or HLG for best lights

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See link and tent is huge takes up most of my basement have 37 plants have 3 plants want to put it under a different light just curious if it would work

Can you explain please

To get someones attention you tag them. Put the @ sign in front of their name and they will be alerted to your thread. dbrn32 is the resident lighting expert. Many others are good too.
tag like this @Bgrie3261

Please try to provide clear and accurate information 37 plants , what are you using for the rest of your plants ? Should be working to have so many , that light is trash …

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As well please provide measurements for space , can’t provide accurate information with out half of the equation …

Yah, I have one plant thats filling a 3x3
I dont think I could fit 37 in my whole house!

Thats all i wanted to know if the link i sent would work they no longer make my old lights

Damn me dreaming for my4x4 for flower -.-

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I’m sure the light would work, I would just be concerned about how much area you expect it to cover. Probably provide good results for up to 2-3 square feet per fixture. For 37 plants i would expect to need a lot of these fixtures.

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