Light burn? Water?

Jack Herer Auto ILGM
apotforPot/living soil
3 gallon fabric pot
Indoor grow,vivosun growtent, 4x4x80 inches tall
Mars Hydro TS 3000
Avg. temp 72
RH 50
Lasher floor fan ,2 6 inch fans for circulation
Keecoon ultrasonic humidifier 8liter
CO2 exhale bag.

Everything on ticket above is the same.

Am a new grower, let others chime in before taking my opinion. Those look like water marks that got burned on. You have new healthy grow coming in, so I wouldn’t worry. I would clip those leaves, they won’t recover.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

“Water marks that got burned on” not familiar with that.
Please explain.

Water refracts into the leaves leaving burns spots, killing the leaf.

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I thought that is what you meant. I think the light was on too hot. It’s a little challenging to dim but I reduced light to about 55-60%.

Before that I was misting the plants under full light power.
Makes sense.

Not recommended to mist or spray past seedling stage.

I would keep it under 55% lighting until up to transition to flower. Increasing brightness a little at a time.


From the looks of it I think your live soil mix is too hot buddy.

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How often are you watering?

agreed! The die back is progressive from bottom up! May need to transplant into cooler soil before it becomes an issue? Can always go back to that soil as mature plants right? Easy fix.
I see other pots there is this happening to whats in thise pots too?
Of course the soil may be cool but the feed too strong? So a bit more info is required? Like are you adding anything with your watering?
I see you are attempting Co2 enrichment? May as well stop that at this stage, it wont do anything especially with low temps and liwer light intensity.

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Once a week.

@Cannabian. Yes it’s happening to the twin.

not adding anything nutrient-wise to water.

Once a week what? Watering?
I believe if you got some fox farms happy frog or something like that you will have better results using straight water until the plants are more mature, then they can handle the hotter soil. If that makes sense.

@Cannabian. Yes , it does make sense.Thanks.

Hey what should I do so far I’m pretty sure I had the light to close and this is afghan-fem using 45 watt and I put it now at 8 inches

I cant post the pictures because y’alls website is called my pictures links

As a first time grower I have several plants in pots outside and was misting everyday. I have 5’ tall and a few that are just starting in veg state. All the plants are turning brown on the tips. the small ones are more severe. What can I do the save them. Misting is a no no?
Thank you,

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Upload some pictures:

And I’ll get you a support ticket to fill out.