Light Build Parts Help please

First off, my mechanical ignorance is on full display here. What I need to know is what T slot nut and screw combination do I need in order to attach the heat sink pictured below to

solid aluminum angle stock image
The only reference I have from the supplier is M3 T Slot Nut. I know what a T Slot Nut is but the sizing and different terms used (schedule 10 20 etc ???) I thought I figured it out, ordered what I thought was needed from TNUTZ… does any one want some 1/4 20 T nuts and screws. I will tag @dbrn32 in on this because I know it will make him smile :rofl: A general description will not suffice. Leaving nothing to chance I will need source and specific part numbers please.
This is Pacific Light Concepts new heat sink to which their Photo Boost strips will be attached.
Your help is appreciated.

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@RandomlyRan just reading a post about starting to plan and you mentioned you built your 4x QB light setup. So I thought you might be able to help me out. From reading some of your other replies, you appear to be well versed in most aspects of growing.

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That was my reference to the supplier. This is what I think I need but?
When it talks about 10 or 25 series extrusions, I have no clue what it is talking about. It does say fits 6mm slots and the diagram says it it is 7.5mm wide. Am I on the right tack?

If so, what fricken screw fits the T nut?

That is a 10-32 t nut. It uses a 10-32 screw. Once the thread call out goes below 1/4-28 the standard stats calling out a reference number for the diameter in this case 10 and 32 is the thread pitch.


Thank you for the kind words, I experiment a ton lol. @dbrn32 is the light guy so anything I would tell you on that front would be something he told me that I wrote down lol. I didn’t need a heatsink with my light, I built my frame from alum. angle so I used a bolt kit and self tappers.

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This is from 80/20 for their 10-32 T-nut
The width of the t nut is .443". Convert to mm = 11.25mm. The heat sink diagram says the slot is 7.5 wide. I am confused! @Bubblehead @dbrn32

I thought he called out order numbers in video, but I can’t remember if that was for 80/20 build using 1" profile from heatsink USA or his profile.

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Is this the greengenes build?

It was the heatsink usa. And I went off the old build sheet still online and that is how I ordered the wrong stuff

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@RandomlyRan Hello could you take a pick of how you fabricated your angles. Also did you mount driver on the light or on the cord outside the tent… Thanks for all the info You guys are great. Anyone welcome to chime in on any posts Thanks

Yes but it is with the new PLC heat sinks. He uses them in one of new videos but doesn’t specify the T nuts used. He was pretty messed up and kinda doing an on-the-fly build. I am just adding 4 strip supplemental light

Yeah I know the old t nuts are 1/4 20. I found some drop in t nuts that are the right size on granger but idk if they work in place of slide ins.

I will. I’ll do it over on my journal and tag you.

I saw them too. Need slide in. You wouldn’t think it would be this hard. I found M3 slot nut on Openbuildspartstore but it does not provide any dimensions. Pretty worthless. I did figure out M3 refers to the thread, not the size of the nut. Maybe duct tape will work :joy:

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Let me take a look and see what I can find.

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Lol. Me too. I’m calling local suppliers and stuff. We will find a way.

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You guys are killing me lol

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Lol @dbrn32

I saw this too but I don’t think they will fit. The slot in the heat sink is 7.5 mm. Those are 6 mm x 10 mm but my concern is the height. The 3.6 on the tnut height is okay so that part fits. I read the leg of the T as 6mm. She slot on the heat sink is 3.5mm. I could be missing something but it doesn’t look like it would fit.