Let's see all outdoors

I forgot that I left a few small buds on Annie III. The cold nights really made her shine!!! Now I wish I had left a decent sized bud/cola on to see this. Too bad the leaves had so much mite damage.


@Blackmoon Thanks! Finally finished harvest of all plants last evening Nov .9. They said the last strain , Killer A5 Haze, was late harvest but this was ridiculous. A few nights of rain and low temps very stressful but provided a nice flush. I would have preferred to wait longer but due to other plans could not. The whole plant turned yellow. At least trichs were cloudy.

Hang time and trim jail continue. My wife was very happy with Apple Fritter, Cherries 2.1, Shugga Shugga and Chocolate Thai early samples. So were a few friends.


Some really interesting names for these plants @JBB that you grown this year. An all yellow plant sounds pretty interesting :thinking:
Love the sound of chocolate Thai
I grew wild Thailand Ryder last summer
Didnt realize it was an auto and wondered why it was flowering so early lol
Was quite nice.
Happy trimming and a cloudy finish not too bad good for socializing
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v:


Howdy All :partying_face:
Been hot here 40C= 104f .


Nice plant @JBB

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Holy moly were are you thats 40deg @Hashtonbutcher
Your plants looking good
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v:


Howdy @Blackmoon
Hope you are having a great weekend.
I am in OZ.


I had that thought
Big continent
I was born in Adelaide @Hashtonbutcher
Where are you based
Cheers :beers:


@plumbdand not at all… The other plants were okay…? Thanks!
@Caligurl …Thanks…It may be?..I also saw a pic from the net on russet mite damage?
Its a pisser cause like I said it was fine a few weeks back…I should have chopped her then!
This is a pic of her before a nice healthy fat main cola of the N.L.

Then this… :point_down:

Thanks to all that tried to help…Im definitely going to try to get to the bottom of this…


Russet mite damage would have shown gradually. Leaves curly and gnarly looking… like this:

And here’s an article from ilgm. You’ll need to sterilize everything and start with new soil. Be careful when handling the plants as the spores can travel very easily.


Oh thats really sad
Im so sorry to hear your news.
Is it salvageable or is it really dry and crusty ?
If when you do get to the cause of this please give us a follow up on what you find out.
Gutted for you @AL_GREEN
Cheers :beers:

@Caligurl Thanks Ill look into it and hope I find out what it is…
@Blackmoon …Thanks man! No its not salvageable…I wouldn’t want to even try…It may be hazardous to my health… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Luckily I already have the first seasons crops harvested and curing as well as the two out of this last batch…and last years and the last years… :rofl:…Ive got way more then I need…Im just addicted to growing it…Mainly for a hobby then for my own use…When I was a teen and later on I smoked everyday and all the time…Now not as often…I think I drink :tumbler_glass: more then I smoke now… :beer:…Ill be sure to update all If I find out! Thanks!


Thanks for the update @AL_GREEN
Im the same i got the collect seeds and grow bug.
And since growing my own i like to sample my various strains in the evenings before bed or at a social event.
I dont sell any share it with my friends if they interested
In my late teens early 20s when first introduced to cannabis id smoke it all the time.
See how many situations i could be in stoned and not be pegged lol
I didn’t drink or smoke for 14 years but since meeting my wife who likes a whiskey i started sharing a whiskey at night too.
Back in july i visit a buddy i hung out as a teenager who loves a toke and whiskey
I got really drunk on some dewers whiskey that rarely happens to me.
My wife of 10 years never seen me in the state i got.
Ive gone right off it now it seems
Probably a good thing
Cheers :beers:
Your cola in question cant be water cured?


Some gelato pics. she is still curing but ive rolled a couple joints of it. Smoke is nice and smooth, you get that mint right up front, then its a cookie finish.