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How to make collided silver to reverse your plants and create your own breeding program.

Short video Collided silver

Some of you may not have known, but 9 volt batteries will snap into one another :shushing_face::wink:.

In short, you need distilled water, 3 x 9 volt batteries, 99.9% silver bars (about 20$’s), a glass, some alligator clips and wire connecting. That’s it. I don’t dilute this solution at all. Through process of testing over time I’ve found that At 27 volts 2 hours is long enough to get you above the 30ppm needed to start spraying your plant to reverse it. I choose to spray two weeks leading up to flip and two weeks following. By the 14th day you will see male parts.

Important notes

  • Don’t let the two silver bars touch in the distilled water
  • you must use distilled water
  • you can use anything from 9 volt to 30, the lower the voltage the longer it will take to be usable.

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