Let it ride or undo

Should I continue on this path or should I turn back i actually think for the first time ever im scared



It’s a little hard to see in the light but I don’t see anything wrong. Are they autos or photos?

What exactly are you afraid of? LST?

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Walk away for a day or so, you’ll be shocked at how she rebounds


I’m pretty sure they are auto and I just peaked and to be honest it don’t even look like I did anything

Let it ride

The difference LST can make is immense. They look good and yield will increase. Sometimes it looks like a tornado came through but the plants recover in no time.

Like I said they look good to me, you’ll probably have to take off a couple leaves once they get settled if the leaf is laying on the soil I’d take it off. They can cause issues later bugs, mold, etc laying on the soil

My 1st time I was in your shoes. Just 4get about her and when you come check on her 2 days later you will see nothing happened. They are stronger than we think

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A little bit of light bondage never hurt anybody


Here are pics of the same plant over a 3 week period… don’t be afraid to train aggressive you’ll be better for it .