LED umols and using multiple panels

Your issue is with that particular manufacturer’s advertising. The leds they use aren’t the most efficient.

Yeah, what are some good brands that give you the info I need (that aren’t super expensive) California lights are good but who can afford them?

Unfortunately if you want a really good led light they are costly. Horticulture lighting group offers some really nice light kits you can assemble and save a few bucks on. Otherwise for a 4x4 pacific light concepts plc-6 is a good bang for your buck light.

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Cool, thanks

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cheap LED’s are not good and… good LED’s are not cheap.!
HPS is the only good and cheap lighting,
HLG QB kits are the cheapest high quality LED right now.
the kits are extremely easy to assemble, watch a u-tube video and u r ready to put it together.!

2 of these would rock a 4x4…

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Do you have the forward voltage data (not the open circuit voltage) please? Below is a chart of each of the white channels at various current settings(or dim level)
Solskin Current(ma) LED Vf
0.48 43.33
0.512 43.47
0.544 43.61
0.576 43.74
0.608 43.88
0.64 44.01
0.672 44.14
0.704 44.27
0.736 44.4
0.768 44.53
0.8 44.65
0.832 44.77
0.864 44.9
0.896 45.02
0.928 45.14
0.96 45.26
0.992 45.37
1.024 45.49
1.04 45.55
1.056 45.61
1.088 45.72
1.12 45.83
1.152 45.94
1.184 46.05
1.216 46.16
1.248 46.27
1.28 46.38
1.312 46.49
1.344 46.59
1.376 46.7
1.408 46.8
There is not much variation in the deep red voltage, for the same dim levels above you will be between 23.2 and 24.5volts. this is because they are high power leds

What is the lamp and board level efficacy please as in this example from HLG site : Lamp Efficacy with QB 288 V2 2.41 µmol/J , 166Lm/W

                                                                                                                    Board Level Efficacy with QB 288 V2 2.58 µmol/J , 177.5Lm/W

Solskins using the Nichia leds with the red is a better performer, in part due to lower forward voltage of the nichia leds, this increases efficency
Lamp Efficacy 2.47 umols/j 169 LPW
Board Level Efficacy 2.65 µmol/J 179.2 LPW

What are you asking me for?

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you asked for the data some time ago…just got it, also can a Luxmeter be used to measure the light output accurately

Gotcha. It will measure lux accurately, you need a conversion factor to get to par. And it wouldn’t be accurate with a mixed or supplemented spectrum.

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