Led light for growing

@bob31 I bought a crx sunny 1800watt led cob light, is this a good choice? Also I have a 4x4 grow tent that I will put it in

That looks like a decent light, but it only actually draws about 300 watts at the wall.
With this type of lighting, you want about 50 watts per square foot in flowering. I would recommend about double, maybe even triple that much light for a 4x4. There are several lighting threads. Specifically, check out this one:

Even if you feel like DIY might be too much, there is a ton of info and other links from there. Hope that helps you some! :v:

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@elheffe702 hey nice to meet You, what if I only grow one big plant in there? Would that be enough.

You could probably do that pretty effectively! :+1:

Although, you could get better light for less electricity.

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Like @elheffe702 said that light will basically cover half your space. So one plant would be ok but depending on how big it gets the outer edges might not get enough light to produce much.