LED Light cleaning

On the Quantum boards is there a correct way to clean them? I have the QB 260’s.



I’m also wondering about this.


Best I have found is use isopropyl alcohol and test a node to see if its ok on the module. But I am hoping someone has actually cleaned them before and has some insight.

Alcohol shouldn’t hurt in moderation. All I typically do with mine is blow off face of pcb and heatsink with about 35-40 psi compressed air between grows. On cobs put fresh thermal compound on about once per year.


Because of my bald head is always bumping the light side of my board I emailed the manufacturer of my light and they said to avoid touching the led side of the board with anything including my head and the recommended cleaning is to blow the led side off with can air used for cleaning electronics the other side and driver can be dusted with dry microfiber cloth when light is cool to the touch

Edit = forgot they said wiping the led side will cause scratches and affect the performance of the LEDs


How about a board light pollen removal. From my hermie which I just chopped!

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I couldn’t see pollen sticking on that well. Hit it with some compressed air and I would think you’d be fine… Wait for a pro to answer though

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Check your manual. :wink:

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Isopropyl alcohol is great for cleaning electronics surfaces with conformal coating. Use it in moderation and make sure the device you are cleaning is not plugged in when you clean it.


Odd, my manual was lacking that info. China, geez. That’s what I get for skimping. That’s soon to change! Or not knowing better at the time is more the case.

What’s your input on lighting up my new 2x4?

Use low pressure compressed air to blow off dust from heatsinks and boards. If you have something stubborn a little isopropyl alcohol like @MidwestGuy suggested.