Leaves turning yellow, black spotted, Fox Farms Soil, week 4 midflower.... only one plant out of 4. please help!

Yellow leaf edges
around 20 weeks veg ? Got clones 18” tall
Indoor grow
5 gal fabric pots
FF 50%ocean forest/ 50% Strawberry fields
RO Water 6.4 ph every other day

Please help!
Thank you

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We can help you better if you post pics. Four weeks from seed, or 4 weeks into flowering? I’m confused. Twenty weeks of veg is a long veg time. Are you feeding nutes yet? Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?


I’ve had them 8 weeks, was guessing at week 20, they were so tall and spindly when received. Uncertain the true age. They are photoperiod.
Forgot the pics, sry.
I’m not certain how old the clones were when I received them. They were tall and leggy, few leaves, thought I needed to bush them out.
Runoff ph 6-6.5
Runoff ppm 1700? EC 3500?
Spider farms LED SF 2000 @ 900ppfd 12 inches.
My 2nd grow

Nutrients? Are you sure it’s 20 weeks of veg? That seems like a long time (agree with @MidwestGuy). Looks like it’s just starting to show you that she’s a she. I see several things…but would need to know your feeding schedule too.


I’ma complete noob but could this be some fungal thing or disease?

SF is 200w. How many plants? Tent size? 1700 is high

This is probably causing the canoeing and possibly the other problems. That’s way too close imo especially for this stage and definitely if they’ve never been under led before. Raise the light. My spider farmers are 18” above the canopy at the lowest. Raise the light for better coverage


I got them 24” 8 weeks ago. I have no idea how old they are.
Top dressed 4 weeks ago with worm castings, Gaia green 444, 2T bat guano, 1T blood meal, 1 T bone meal, cal mag.
Feb 22 tea alfalfa meal, kelp meal, bat guano tea

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I was thinking fungal too….but my 2nd grow. Idk

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I agree with @Bluntsmoke. I would almost say 23" at this stage. I also think there is some defoliation to be done. Not much though! I prefer to tuck leaves if I can but it looks like you need some airflow… do you have a pic of the whole tent?

Is that a ladybug :lady_beetle: or a snail on the leaves in the last pic?

The swings in vpd are huge. They cannot like going from 2 vpd to .05 vpd. Hopefully these swings arent for any length of time.


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Thank you! Lights raised to 28”

Im using a heater set at 75F, humidifier set 65%. Not sure how to control the VPD better? 2 fans, top and pot level in 5x5.

Vpd looks better on the graph. If that was my setup I would get the humidity under control. Vpd is still getting very low. The vpd dance is difficult. i have found because changing one input affects another. Having controllers on my humidifier and my exhaust fan help greatly.

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