Leaves starting to yellow on one plant

Can anyone tell me what the problem can be here? Leaves are starting to yellow on one plant. <img src=“//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/growingmarijuana/original/3X/5/2/522115a5b946a8074db2f721c8b5b88b9ed5d2df.jpg” width=“374” height=“500”>

The picture is a little hard to see, but it looks like a nitrogen deficiency.

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I’m having a hard time for some reason copy n paste that form…using Fox Farm ocean forest soil…plants are indoors going outside next weekend… plants are 5 weeks since germination… No nutes yet. PH run off was about 6.5. Temps in the 70’s or warmer during the day. High 60’s at night. Ventilation-yes. CO2 no. I’m trying to sent a different pic. Notice exactly only 1/2 of that leaf is yellow. Very strange.


That is strange how it is half the leaf. I’ve never seen that before. Your plant looks pretty healthy to me except for that one leaf. How big is that pot you have it in?
@bob31 or @Hogmaster @Hawkeye_diesel @Majiktoker have you ever seen anything like that before?

I use 3gallon on auto and 5 gallon on photo indoors

Found this… Interesting…

Two-toned leaves usually have split coloring in a relatively straight line. This mutation often affects just one or two leaves on the whole plant, though sometimes you’ll get a whole stem or part of the plant that displays this characteristic.

The two-toned leaves don’t seem to have much effect on anything, but it’s kinda cool looking!

I believe this happens due to a type of “variegation” and may be due to “sectorial chimera”. Other plants besides cannabis plants can have this happen, too!


The pots are 5". Plants have really taken off this past week. I’m starting to see roots at the bottom. I’m putting them in 20 gal. Pots outside next weekend. I live in Mass. so I’m waiting til then to move them.


I’m going to do 1 outside as well. I’m nervous to put it out. Was pretty cold last night here a little north of Boston. You never know what we’ll get for weather here.


@Matthew420. Exactly! I live in central MA 20 min north of Worcester. I don’t want to take a chance and lose them. Once I saw roots showing I wanted to put them outside right now. Temps at night are what’s stopping me.

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Im just going to try 1, the rest in my tent. It hit low 40’s last night. I kinda want to wait until it doesn’t fall below 60F at night. Not sure when that will be though.

Is there a particular temp you’re aiming for?

The rest of the plant looks fine. Might just be a damaged root causing the one leaf to yellow

Monitor and do not worry unless more leaves turn completely yellow. :slight_smile:
Happy growing


Good question! I didn’t think about it to that degree. HAHA I say Memorial Day weekend because that’s when most people around here plant their regular garden. Also, I worked for someone who put plants outside for the past 7 years, 40 of them last year! Same weekend…no problems. I brought them out in the sun on those 3 hot days we had. Trying to acclimate somewhat. I’m most nervous about them being too shocked going from indoors to outside. I’m assuming that’s why you want to wait for 60 degree evening temps.

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Looks like mosaic virus.

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Exactly why I want to wait. In my basement, they never get below around 63 with lights off. I figure I’ll stay somewhat consistent to that, mostly because I’m in no rush other than excited to try. Started a little grow journal for my outdoor plant if you want to be tagged. Not much there yet as the plant is still inside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Matthew420 you cold tag me for that grow journal if you want. I’m going to be throwing one outside once my seeds arrive (well a month or so after they arrive that is)

I would like to be tagged, yes. I keep a journal in writing because I have trouble doing certain things on this site. I find I have to go to my phone for some things. I have a grow tent due to arrive today. I’m trying an OG kush auto that was given to me, then I’m buying those white widow autos from this site because I’ve read a lot of good things about them. Thanks for the help and info.!

I’m in NC but I had my girls outside a month ago when the temps dipped into the low 40s and 1 over night low of 38. these over night lows lasted about 4 days with the highs only going to low to mid 50s. They all came thru it like champs with no ill effect I could see or detect.


@Sasquatch Thank you That’s good to know.

Here is my plant with that odd leaf again. It’s just that one leaf. Looks awesome. lol. Does the rest of the plant look healthy to you?

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