Leaves rapidly yellowing, please help ASAP

Hi community. I need help diagnosing this lady, her leaves are yellowing.

She is a Critical fem from RQS. She is in week 5 day 4. Could this just be a sign of her not being too far from harvest or is it an actual issue. She is grown in DWC. In week 4 I noticed my reservoir ppm was at 1400 and I thought it was quite high so I topped up until the ppm read 1200. Could this be the issue?

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She’s frosty for sure, the leaf symptoms appear to be a magnesium deficiency. What’s your PH of your solution?

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I’m growing in DWC so I have the Ph at 5.8. My ppm is 1200

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Man, those numbers are definitely in range. Usually magnesium is accompanied by a calcium deficiency since it carries the needed calcium. Do you use epson salt? How’s your res temps, sometimes if that’s too cold it’s difficult to uptake mag.

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Looks like you may be in week 5 or 6 as I see pistils. I’ve had plenty of plants that start discoloring during flowering at that stage, including my current grow, which is at 6 weeks of flowering. She is now focusing on ripening the flowers rather than growing and maintaining foliage.


Pistils receding.


Yhup, that threw my head for a loop🙃

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I don’t use Epsom salts at all. Reservoir is at 24 degrees Celcius.

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You spot on there bro! Week 5 day 4.

So now that she’s ripening do you think I should give nutrients for another week as I don’t have any ripening nutrient. Or should I just go buy the ripened, will it make a big difference?? I’m growing in DWC and the strain is a 7 week - 8 week flowering cycle.

I’m using Terra Aquatics soft water tripart nutrients

I’m not a DWC grower and am therefore not familiar with drawing down nutes near the end of the grow. I expect DWC is handled differently than soil. I think @Myfriendis410 is more familiar with it and may be able to help. He should be around in a few hours.

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Res temps are good.

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Please help me get someone who knows about DWC cos the lady is just going downhill now it seems, this is 1 day difference to the first pictures I posted.

What must I do!!!

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Rapid yellowing of leaves.
Red stems from leaves.
Drooping of most leaves.

All of this has happened in the last 4 days

And your res PH is good? It’s common for the lower leaves to yellow and die off, but you’ve got some upper yellowing. What do her roots look like. Your bloom nutes have enough P&K?