LEAVES has holes

good afternoon new grower about 2 months old on my deck about 4 foot and very bushey issue whats getting my leaves this plant has many 3 pt leaves take a look at pics.thanks for looking.

I could be wrong but it looks like you have a caterpillar problem

i looked with a mag glass no sign of any thing.thanks

I am guessing choppers of some sort. Suggestions I have heard. Spray bottle of water with neem, tea tree or rosemary essential oil (mix in some Dr. Bonners Castile soap). Water boiled with garlic and hot peppers then use as a spray. Dust with diatomaceous earth.

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The big leaves are your sacrificial leaves. Start looking inside the plant to see if something is munching elsewhere. Neem oil (during veg) and diatomaceous earth for organic grows.

How do you use neem oil and is it ok for preflowers also where to buy thanks

Need some help with what bug sprays are ok for preflowers thanks

Good afternoon thanks for letting me know what’s going on with my plant my question is can I use neem oil spray on my plant if it’s been pretty flower let me know I’m not sure I’m a new grower and this is driving me crazy thanks

I hear a lot of growers on here saying to use captain jacks dead bug pesticide