Leaves grew weaker and have stains

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day :smiley:

Yesterday I’ve noticed that some of the leaves at the bottom started growing weaker as hours passed by. Taking a closer look I could see that the older ones got yellow and all of them had some stains on them, like a deficiency of some sort. The problem gets milder as we look at the upper leaves. Here are some pictures:

I’ve looked around for similar issues without success. Can anyone suggest what’s happening?
Yesterday morning I also found some aphids dwelling beneath the leaves. I’ve treated them today with Neem oil and garlic.

Thanks in advance!!

Combination of aphids and older leaves on the bottom. Perfectly normal to lose some leaves on the bottom.

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normal stuff…check for bugs and nuke 'em

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Lower leaves looks like lack of light and they will die off. Normal thing. The other leaves looks like you got some nute splash on them.

Thanks everybody, you’ve been right and helpful!

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