Leaves feel really dry

Currently don’t have a exhaust fan in my tent 32"x 32x60 temp is 85 humidity 66 will putting container of water help

Do you have an intake fan and Does your tent have a screened vent near the bottom of it?if so for the time being I would turn intake around and make it an exhaust and put a clip fan down by the screen vent with it open and see if that helps

Ok cool will do what bout container of water

I believe all that will do is cause the humidity to rise due to it being evaporated quickly

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Ok saw couple videos on the tube and notice containers in the tent…this will work till payday

I see that you using LED lights so you probably don’t need much in terms of heat control right?..but the plants need fresh air to survive and water will cause a higher humidity than you might need, and possibly cause mould to grow once the plants are in flower.

Exhaust fans are only used to exhaust stale air,(pulls fresh air into the passive intakes as well) and for temperature control.

If you don’t have heat problems and the tent is properly sealed, you can make a DIY carbon dioxide generator (bottle, water, yeast,sugar)…then you wont need an exhaust fan.

Turn the clip fan so it’s pulling air in from the screened vent,in won’t work as good as a intake fan but if you have a intake fan that you turned into a exhaust fan now then that along with the clip fan should pull in fresh air from the bottom of the room the tent is in. It’s currently what I’m having to do also cause I haven’t bought an intake fan yet,I also have a portable ac unit by it blowing cold air toward tent

cold, hot and humid, depending on the climatic conditions in a country
is that right ?