Leaves ever so slightly curved in some parts

Okay … my first grow - I love “my girls” (that’s what I call them - I’ve named them too!). ANYWAY…
I noticed on my Red Dragon some of the leaves were so slightly curled a bit.
They are in 5 gallon fabric pots, FFOF and my lights are 1000w and 1500w; tent is 5 x 5; 6 inch ventilation; a little fan and a heater. Temp this morning was 72 and RH 76.
There’s lowryder auto; white widow auto; Skywalker (took her ages to sprout); Triangle Kush and Red Dragon. The last 3 were planted a week before the first 3.

Looks good.


Welcome to the forum great people around to help you!

As Covert said, they look great, nothing to worry about!

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