Leaves dying on flowers

Is it normal for leaves to die on the buds

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Did u flush?

I’m a new grower so I’m a bit dumb, what does flush mean? I’m assuming if I have to ask then I didn’t. These are white widow auto flowers

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Did u use nothing but water and kinda drown the soil? That’s flushing

I’ve only watered every 3-5 days and I’ve used the ilgm nutrients. Some plain water in between.

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Your other post has some suggestions on it :love_you_gesture:

Flushing is used to correct PH issues or nutrient toxicity issues. Example, when you check your run off numbers (PH and TDS) if those are high, you flush the plant with the correct PH H2O typically using enough water 3 times your pot size. You let the water drain through and out the pot. Catch a sample of the last bit of water from each flush and check the numbers on the run off. It’s a way to reset everything :love_you_gesture:


Welcome , if possible fill out the ILGM support ticket growers will have a little history. Looks like has been a few things going on through the Grow.