Leaves drooping towards the end of light cycle

White Rhino photos in CoM Stonington. Will be a month old (above ground) 2-27. Upper portion of 2/5 plants look like they’ve been in a boxing match when i wake up (about 1 hr before lights off). 18/6 cycle. Lights off for 6, back on they look golden again. I’ve had plants do this in the dead of summer when conditions were brutal (outdoor grow), but tent has been around 77 lights on, 65 off. Humidity is staying around 60-65. I hadn’t raised light to compensate for growth as they looked as if they were handling it fine. 1st morning i watered until slight runoff, and they definitely were thirsty. 2nd morning, same 2 looked wore out. The soil was still moist, so wasnt a water issue. Lights out, back on good again. I raised the light a little, but this morning same thing. 2 directly under led board aren’t doing this. The 1 directly under cob and 1 of the 2 sharing light from the board and cob are doing this. I turned the bloom light off, but did lower (sounds pretty counter-productive the more i think of it) around 24-26 inches, had been around 32. I thought for sure when i raised up a good amount yesterday, they wouldn’t look beat up again this am. Any suggestions?


They just get a little tired from being at attention for the day it’s normal happy growing :v:.


Thank You! That’s what i thought, but plan on topping today or tomorrow, and didn’t want to create unnecessary stress if i had something else going on.

Your welcome happy growing :v:.