Leaves curling and new growth yellowing

Hello everyone

Just a quick run down of what the previous few days have been like in regards to plant appearance and routine.

Plant has been Fimmed and LST’d, planted in regular low grade potting mix with additional 5 in 1 fertilizer. (Live and learn).

Started life under a 25 watt CFL until transplanted into the above. First symptoms were dropping leaves and yellowing of new growth/nodes on the canopy. My suspicion is that the plant had poor drainage, was root-bound and over-watered with possiblity of too much nutes in combination with pellet fertiliser.

What I have tried so far is repotting with Coco and perlite and stopped watering for a few days with the plant looking the same.

The canopy is under a Vipraspectra 600w at 23 inches for 18/6 light schedule. I have noticed clawing, yellowing and the need for repotting in a better drainage medium. This is a fem chocolope.

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

She looks thirsty :slight_smile:


Drooping leaves is a sign of under watering. But a
root-bound plant has many possible problems. It’s harder to take care of a root-bound plant. In my opinion anyway. My suggestion is to look up correction advise for root bound plant. Good luck

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Okay so I have given her a good drink with ph’d water only and taken another image of the leaves. Does anyone know the dark discolouration on the leaves?

To me, this looks like magnesium deficiency.
Without further details I couldn’t say if it’s a lockout, overwatering, or just simple deficiency.

I think I can see some results after a day of flushing with Ph’d water and then a follow up with a good complete fertilizer specific to the plant.

I wonder if fungas gnats are causing issues also?
I am learning alot. Thanks for the feedback.

Okay so I thought I would update in the hope my experience helps someone later down the track.

  1. Root bound pot - larger pot size (photo period)
  2. Poor drainage - moved to Coco perlite
  3. Fungus gnats - allowed soil to dry out between waterings, applied sand to top layer of medium
  4. Flushed with ph’d water then with plant specific nutrients.
  5. Checked runoff for pH.
  6. Raised closer to my light.

Now all seems to be well, thanks for the help everyone.


I think I have a similar situation to you, although my plant/plants may be a little younger.

Question, when moving from soil to coco, did you simply report in a larger pot with existing soil attached, or shake off the soil before putting it into the coco medium.

First time grower here and want to make as little mistakes as possible, even though I know these mistakes are inevitable.


I simply repotted to Coco perlite mix with the soil attached. The soil she was in had poor drainage coupled with overwatering and being rootbound as well as fungus gnats.

Awesome! So by just re-potting all the deficiencies seemed to sort themselves out, well that sounds grand. Cheers, will give it a shot. Just one of my critical mass plants is getting a bit yrllowed, spotty and droopy after being topped and wondering if it is not responding as well as others due to being an indica as well.

Hello, I have similar problem, but getting different yellow spots. I’m scare about yellow spots and is not down but up and middle of plants. I start with flowering stage, change light from LED to HPS 2 days ago. Is just few leaves, but better to fix ASAP.

My opinion:

  • is not too hot ( always 27C is hot here, that’s why I have them in room with aircon )

  • HPS is in cooling tube and 40cm away ( I think can’t be burn )

  • I use less fertelizer then need and every second time I give them just water

  • I have them on soil pH I make 6.8

  • pots are 30L big.

They look ok, but I’m worried and I know if I react fast much better.

Thank you for your advice

I repotted and flushed with PhD water no nutrients. Immediately followed with a 1/4 dose of cannabis specific nutrient just to “reset” it but not overdo.

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Are the leaves getting wet?

No, but I just spray them every morning and before they go sleep with only water.

Always leave the root ball as intact as possible to avoid damaging the roots.

Repotting helped with root bind. A combination of solving the root bind and adding nutes fixed the other problems.

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