Leafs turning white from inside, not enough expierience to identify deficiency

So, its my first grow, and she is on 2-3rd week into flovering(cant really say exactly, since it had some troubles with it). Before it had an underwatering problem(which I fixed), but leafs are still turning yellow-white from inside and dying. It shouldn`t be a light issue, since some of those are getting light most of the time. What can it be, and is it really a nutrient deficiency, or something else?
Her week ago


Leaf damage

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Should be noted, that first the inside of leafes turns white, then it spreads outside

Unless there’s a massive hole with soil under that “pot” your gonna lack just about Every nutrient! But Cal/Mag foliar spray 3-4 times a week is the first place I’d start.
Also there’s no sign of flowering, should see pistils forming by now. Make sure your lights are switched to 12 on / 12 off. Maybe a sign of nutrient deficiency also

First of all, there`s lots of pistils already, also, that pot is around 20L i think, is that not enough?And, yes, the pot was definetly an issue, but I transplanted it into the bigger one(you can see it on 2nd pic)

Maybe a week in flower but this resembles a PH issue as in out of range preventing nutrient uptake. What’s the input PH and PPMs as well as the run off of these 2? Run off numbers are critical for diagnosing the issue, you can pull a sample of soil near the root zone for a slurry test as well :love_you_gesture: