Leafs reverted to 5 fingers from 7 after topping....is this normal?

My plant is about 5 weeks into veg and I just topped for the first time. My new tops only have 5 leafs but the four prior had 7. Is the common or an indication of a problem?

Plant stress is known to do this.

Mine have always done that. It’s a common occurrence.

I grow outdoors and can sometimes get two full harvests. After the first one, I end up with a bunch of single segment leaves. Doesn’t even look like a marijuana plant!

I’m not sure about the science of it, but I believe it’s an attempt to put out new leaves as quickly as possible. Less segments are easier to form and still utilize the light the plant needs.

This was after my first harvest of a strain called “The Flav”. Very nice strain. Other people that saw it were amazed to learn it was weed.

Bottom line…it’s all good…


you will find the marijuana presents it’s self in some time different ways - It’s in the genes !!! and interesting watching ti grow